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trio with pineda and raymond.jpg

TRIO w/cathlene pineda

and tina raymond

@ soundwaves concert series, santa monica library - october 2018 

photos by chuck koton

Phillip Greenlief - tenor saxophone

Cathlene Pineda - piano

Tina Raymond - drums

This is a relatively new group that started up in 2018, and I'm so happy to be working with them.  Cathlene and Tina have been working a lot together, so it was effortless to jump in and improvise with them. Cathlene has a melodic and harmonic sense that is deeply immersed in contemporary music, and Tina's approach is super flexible - she can lead the band, sit in a deep pocket, or ride undulating waves of sound with us.


The best feeling you can have when you're improvising with musicians is to feel like the music can go anywhere at any time, and that's exactly what it's like to play with Cathlene and Tina - they have big ears that are matched only by the passion and intelligence that they bring to the music. We have an easy, effortless communication, whether we are on stage playing, or presenting workshops to students; the flow of ideas are authentic and moving forward.


Cathlene Pineda


 Tina Raymond

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