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phillip greenlief - tenor saxophone

jon raskin - baritone saxophone



phillip greenlief & jon raskin: saxophones

kjell nordeson and scott amendola: drums



it would be easy to imagine that THE LACY THING is just an extension of the ongoing projects jon raskin and i have that fall under the umbrella of 2+2, but our plan is to involve a wider array of musicians over time.

a few years ago, jon raskin and some of the other members of the ROVA SAXOPHONE QUARTET were presented with numerous notebooks from the great american composer steve lacy. jon made copies of the music (hundreds of pages) and passed them on to me, and we began the slow process of reading through the works and selecting a few for our first concert, which we performed as a duo.

some time later, after putting some more work into the list of tunes we had selected, we invited scott amendola (drums, electronics) and kjell nordeson (drums). this unit indeed resembles our 2 + 2 format, but in the future our goal is to expand the group into a larger ensemble. lacy's music was very important to jon and i as developing musicians and we were both able to spend some time with him in the 80's and 90's, so this project is close to our hearts.

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