PGLRG performing at the final berkeley arts show (2016)   photo by lenny gonzalez 


When Matthew Sperry was taken from us in 2005, I organized a large ensemble that performed at the first annual Sperry Festival, dedicated to the memory of our dear friend who died in a tragic bicycle accident. Years have passed and the group has played at subsequent MS festivals and other bay area performance spaces, concert series and community events. Since its inception, I have called up on OrcheSperry to realize these compositions. I am honored that a committed group of outstanding performers have remained motivated to show up and breathe life into this aspect of my work. Since the group has always been a changing roster of players, and no particular fixture has remained other than myself, it didn't seem selfish to carry on thinking of whatever new version of the group was under my creative supervision, since I have remained the principle organizer for over a decade.

In November 2019, I composed SAINT PETERSBURG FOR PG LRG 

This work, which is part of my MAP SCORE SERIES, was the first composition for PGLRG

It was premiered at the Center for New Music (SF) in November 2019


LARGE ENSEMBLE WORKS  (composed for OrcheSperry)

The Signal Meditation (for Myles Boisen) 2005

The Empty Room II 2005

Compound I for Matthew Sperry 2005

Compound II for Angela Davis 2006, revised 2007

02091927 for Margaret Greenlief 2007

In Between 2008

Fantasia for Percussion and Orchestra 2009

Monument for Eva Hesse for electronics and orchestra 2009

Lynched! for David Lynch 2009, revised 2010

M for Margaret Greenlief 2011

Clouds in Motion 2015

Three Trains for Orchestra 2016

INDEX for any ensemble or performer(s) 2017

SAINT PETERSBURG FOR PGLRG (premiered at the center for new music (SF) 2019