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Phillip Greenlief - alto saxophone

John Shiurba - amplified guitar

Tom Scandura - drums

PG13 is a collaborative project driven by compositions from phillip greenlief (many of which were inspired by his departed cat, george cleaver) and john shiurba (many of which were inspired by his dog bloom). drummer tom scandura offers lots of edits in the work, and contours the shape of melodies and rhythms in ways the composers may never have considered. the blanket genre for the group could be considered post-rock, but has elements of punk, thrash, metal, and angular melodies reminiscent of the works of chicago iconclast anthony braxton. the trios eponymous album was released on edgetone records in 2018.

PG13 hemlock.jpg

PG13 @the hemlock, SF

To order a copy, go to STORE

review from tokyo jazz underground: "The album that opens with a demonic riff reminiscent of the former heavy metal band, Black Sabbath, is a heavy beat over the whole story, a distortion guitar that crawls the ground, a saxophone that unisons, a sudden rhythm change and crazy Frequent out like this continues, full of rock-like dynamism and catharsis."

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