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performing music by great film composers for classic films by Fellini, Hitchcock, Antonioni, Leone, and more

Orchestra Nostalgico (formerly the ClubFoot Orchestra), emerged from a long-standing weekly gig at Bruno's in the Mission District of San Francisco, starting in 1997.

The band was originally commissioned to organize a set of music by Nino Rota from the films of Federico Fellini. Years passed, the members of the group began to write arrangements by other composers, and it was clear that we needed to change our name and have an identity all our own.

We have produced two excellent recordings on CD - the first comprised solely of music by Rota, and the second disc reflects a wider range of film composers. The band has enjoyed an annual residency at the Garden of Memory event, held each summer solstice at the Chapel of the Chimes, and also performs at special events and occasional club dates. 

Orchestra Nostalgico, from left to right:

back row - Joshua Raoul Brody (keyboards, arranger)   Chris Grady (trumpet) 

Sheldon Brown (woodwinds, arranger)   John Hanes (drums)   Catharine Clune (violin) front Row - Myles Boisen (bass, arranger) Phillip Greenlief (woodwinds, arranger) Tom Yoder (trombone, arranger)   Steve Kirk (guitar, arranger)

Photo by Pax Ahimsa Gethen
CFO plays rota cover.jpg

Clubfoot Orchestra Plays Nino Rota - released 1997


Orchestra Nostalgico Plays Film Music ... released 2014

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