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2 + 2 basses.jpg
         2 + 2 with basses - barre phillips and mark dresser
   @luggage store gallery - photo by frank gratkowski - 2011
2 + 2 brass wooley peck.jpg
2+2 with brass - nate wooley (trumpet) and dan peck (tuba)
    @iBeam brooklyn - photo by peter gannushkin - 2013
2 + 2 aurora claudia.jpg
2 + 2 with voices - aurora josephson and claudia la rocco
                     @center for new music - 2017 

Phillip Greenlief - alto and tenor saxophones  

Jon Raskin - alto and baritone saxophones


jon raskin and i formed 2 + 2 in 2003 as a container for revolving quartet formations.

we liked the pairing of "like instruments", giving the ensemble an immediate character that, while on the surface, might reduce the timbral possibilities of the music, can also allow for the instrument pairings to expand their conception of the possible. we've played with so many wonderful musicians in this project.

due to the modular and nomadic nature of the  2 + 2 project, these collaborations have allowed jon and i to explore a realm that we call composing for improvisers - works that can be played on the spot without rehearsal. while these works employ spontaneity and freedom, they offer structure and compositional elements to establish concrete thematic, harmonic and rhythmic activity. many of our most personal compositions have come from our efforts with 2 + 2.

our saxophone duo ( 1+1 ) utilizes free improvisation, our own compositions and the music of our contemporaries and mentors: anthony braxton, waddada leo smith, roscoe mitchell, frank gratkowski, pauline oliveros, christian wolff, and steve lacy.



phillip greenlief (alto and tenor saxophones)

jon raskin (alto and baritone saxophones)


with basses

mark dresser and barre phillips

ken filiano and damon smith

lisa mezzacappa and damon smith

with brass

liz allbee (trumpet) and jen baker (trombone)

tom djll and nate wooley (trumpets)

dan peck (tuba) and nate wooley (trumpet)

kris tiner and nate wooley (trumpets)

with guitars

fred frith and john shiurba

with drums

scott amendola and kjell nordeson

with kotos

shoko hikage and konoko nishi

with double reeds

kyle bruckmann (oboe, english horn)

and sara schoenbeck (bassoon)

with electronics

chris brown and tim perkis

david kendall and robert hudson

with percussion/electronics

john hanes and gino robair

with reeds

murray campbell and randy mc kean

with low string instruments

eric friedlander (cello) and trevor dunn (bass)

with low winds

katherine young (bassoon) and dan peck (tuba)

with poets

claudia la rocco and elizabeth robinson

with voices

dina emerson and aurora josephson

aurora josephson and claudia la rocco

3 + 3 with long strings and trumpets

mia masaoka (koto) and zeena parkins (harp)

kris tiner and nate wooley

2 + 2 with kotos - kanoko nishi and shoko hikage - @21 grand 2007
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