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DUO with trevor dunn

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Trevor Dunn - contrabass

Phillip Greenlief - tenor saxophone,

Bb clarinet

Trevor and Phillip have focused solely on free improvisation since 1993. They released their self titled CD on evander music in 1995. the recording received a

5 star rating in the MUSIC HOUND GUIDE TO JAZZ.


Since then they have continued to perform on the east and west coast and recently recorded at Figure 8 Studios in NYC for an upcoming release.

photo: lenny gonzalez


Trevor Dunn was born in 1968  behind the Redwood Curtain in The Emerald Triangle traversing a fine line between hippies and rednecks.  His first instrument was the clarinet and he began to focus on the electric bass at age 13.  Four years later he co-founded the avant-rock band Mr. Bungle.  In 1990 he received a BA in music from Humboldt State where he performed Koussevitsky's Concerto for Double Bass with the HSO.  In 2001 he was commissioned by the Elaine Kaufman Cultural Center to write a solo bass piece for Jon Deak.  Mr. Deak performed "Depaysemant" for prepared contrabass later that year at Merkin Hall, Lincoln Center.  Dunn has lived in Brooklyn, NY  since 2000 and can be heard on over 150 recordings including a disc of original film music entitled Four Films (Tzadik) and his original rock band MadLove (Ipecac).  He recently finished his String Quartet Nr 1 and Six Nocturnes for Piano which will be released on Tzadik next year.  Currently a “singer/songwriter” recording is underway as well as new music for his trio-convulsant (with strings), a duo project with Sannety called SpermChurch and more film music.  All of this will happen between tours with Dan Weiss’ Starebaby, Endangered Blood &  John Zorn’s bagatelles marathons.

2023 duo release on riverworm records

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Phillip Greenlief & Trevor Dunn, "Twenty-Seven" (Riverworm). Explosive sax blurts and contrabass interluptions blast off this commemoration of a 27-year musical tennis match, and the high-speed conversation keeps ripping as if the two have a lot to catch up on. No intellectual exercise, "Twenty-Seven" is the work of seasoned musicians whose language blows far past the limits of grammar, syntax, notes and bars -- it's the most sophisticated form of yelling you'll ever hear. What a privilege to eavesdrop. 

Greg Burk - Metal Jazz

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