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DUO with fred frith


photo: tom duff

fred frith - guitar, effects, etc


phillip greenlief

alto & tenor saxophones  Bb clarinet

i can't really express what an honor and joy it is to play with fred frith! 


it seems we are always veering into new terrain, and the listening and concentration on shaping forms and communicating with sound and melody is irresistible. we've been playing duo for a few decades, and there is comfort that comes with time along with the awareness that we are digging into the moment of the ever changing now.


fred frith is a songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist and improviser performing mostly on various permutations of the electric and acoustic guitar. occasionally he uses crude home-made string instruments of his own invention. fred has been working in multiple contexts for more than 50 years—improvising, collaborating with like-minded musicians and choreographers, working in bands, recording film soundtracks, sculpting sound in the studio, and continuously refining his ideas about composition as an open-ended process.

pg fred tom's 3.jpg
frith pg LSG.jpg

@tom's place, december 2023

@ luggage store gallery   2013

opening for deerhoof @the great american music hall   2011    photo by charlie homo
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