DUO with david boyce

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David Boyce - tenor saxophone

Phillip Greenlief - tenor saxophone

David and I have known each other for quite some time, but we didn't start playing together until 2006, when I began teaching at the San Francisco Waldorf High School (where he teaches World Music). I realized then that I had never really had a duo with another tenor player - and it's so good because we have such a deep love for the instrument. We have never talked about using compositions, it was just understood without ever saying anything that we would be an improvising unit and so the music has evolved naturally.

@the luggage store gallery - photo by andreas peter bloom

Our music has a range - both in the way that we lead and accompany each other, but also in the way that we use the duo to explore the horn and it's rich history. We have spent many hours listening to tenor players together - something that doesn't seem to happen a lot in our fast paced world - and have enjoyed an ongoing conversation about the instrument over the past 15 years, both on stage and off.

photo by myles boisen


David spent his formative years in NYC soaking up the city's vast multi-cultural offerings. After being bitten by the jazz bug in elementary school he began his studies of the saxophone. Music quickly became the focus of his non academic endeavors. He graduated from Cornell University with a B.S. in Industrial and Labor Relations, taught junior high school in the Bronx and moved to San Francisco just in time for the Loma Prieta earthquake. Living in the Bay Area inspired him to pursue music as a full time obsession. He co-founded the AfroFuturist jazz trio Broun Fellinis (27 years running) and became an active free lance musician involved in many musical pursuits that include Jazz, Post Rock, HipHop, World Music , Improvised and Electronic Music. His music has taken him to Europe, Japan and Canada as well as around the US.  Currently, he performs with Broun Fellinis, Black Quarterback, Shimmering Leaves, Radio Sofia, 6 Roses, and Black Edgar's Musik Box.


skronkathon @21 grand 2010